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What are Original Cartridges ?
Original cartridges are Ink & Toner cartridges which have been manufactured by the printer manufacturer. Thus the term OEM (Original equiptment manufacturer)So original HP cartridges come from HP and original Canon cartridges come from Canon. All of our Original cartridges are sourced from a national distributor of OEM cartridges. These cartridges are STMCISO9001 certified and cost substantially more than the compatable or re-manufactured equivalents.

What are Compatable Cartridges ?
The term "Compatible Cartridges" is used to describe a brand new cartridge which has been manufactured by a manufacturer other than the original manufacturer. In short it is a copy of the original manufacturer's cartridge. These cartridge behave exactly like the original cartridges and sometimes are designed to contain more toner. The main difference is the price. All of our compatible cartridges are sourced from STMCISO9001 certified manufacturers - which is your guarantee of quality.

What are Re-manufactured cartridges ?
The term "Re-manufactured cartridge" is used to describe an original manufacturer's cartridge which is used more than once. The outer plastic casing is retained whilst all the inner components such as imaging drum, pcr, wiper blades, doctor blades are replaced with brand new components. New toner is added and the cartridge will work as good as new. The only difference you should notice is extra money in your pocket. All of our re-manufactured cartridges are sourced from STMC & ISO9001 certified manufacturers - which is your guarantee of quality & consistancy. One major benefit in using re-manufactured cartridges is that it keeps the plastic casing from being dumped in landfill sites which has major environmental benefits. Every year a staggering 200 million cartridges are dumped in landfill in Europe alone. Something to consider the next time you order a printer cartridge.

What is STMC certification   
STMC stands for Standard Test Method Committee. This world comittee promote standardized test methods for industrial printer cartridges. The test methods are used to evaluate the yield of toner cartdridges of printer. All procedures and standards are designed to produce 100% compliance with client specifications which allow objective comparison with OEM products. The STMC test covers the following areas:
  • Print head
  • leaking
  • air-ship ability
  • odour
  • serial number
  • cartridge appearance
  • packaging
  • label
  • ink volumes
  • page life
  • density
  • colour match
  • photographic reproduction
  • shelf life

What is ISO9001 certification    
ISO 9001 is part of the ISO 9000 family of standards. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management system It  does NOT define the actual quality of your product or service. The standard helps companies to achieve consistent results and continually improve the process.  Thus, if you can make a good product most of the time, this helps you make it all of the time. It's just a series of good, basic business practices. the ISO9001 Certificate includes the following:
  • A set of procedures that cover all key processes in the business.
  • Monitoring processes to ensure they are effective.
  • Keeping adequate records.
  • Checking output for defects.
  • With appropriate and corrective action where necessary.
  • Regularly reviewing individual processes and the quality system itself for effectiveness.
  • Facilitating continual improvement.

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