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Who we are
Eco ink is a trading division of Clarke Computer Services Ltd. which was established in 1998 to provide ERP technical consultancy to pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies in Ireland. Quality is as important to us as it is to our customers. Eco ink achieves this by sourcing all of it’s toner from STMC & ISO9001 certified suppliers. On average our cartridges cost approximately 50% less than Original OEM cartridges.

Where we are
Eco ink are based in Ballina/Killaloe Co. Tipperary. We do not have a retail outlet and the savings from this business model are passed on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

What sets us apart
Eco Ink sell a world recognised ink & toner brand at some of the most competive prices available. Quality and consistancy are what we strive for in all of our products. If something does go wrong with any of our products we will replace it free of charge. We provide a free warranty on all printers using our products, for our business customers. So in the unlikey event of any of our products damaging your printer/copier we will replace your printer/copier free of charge. If you use our world renouned re-manufactured or compatable products you will save on average 50% on the cost of originals and you will help keep cartridges out of landfill sites.

        Why you should be talking to Eco Ink
   · We stock a full range of Original, Compatable & Re-manufactured
  · All cartridges are STMC & ISO9001 certified - Your guarantee of
              quality & consistancy.  
· Up to 50% savings on your printer consumables 
  · No quibble money back guarantee.
  · Free delivery on all orders over €50.
  · Friendly and efficient customer service.
  · Local Irish company.
  · Eco Ink actively supports local charities
Give a Little - gain a lot
Eco Ink’s Philosophy is to give something back to our community. As such we have teamed up with a number of charities in an effort to help them raise much needed funds. If you have a charity which is close to your heart then talk to eco ink about some of the schemes which we have put in place that could benefit the charity of your choice.

What do Eco Ink Sell
Eco Ink sell the full range of brands of the following ink & toner printer cartridges.
 ·  Original OEM Cartridges
·  Re-Manufactured cartridges
·  Compatable Cartridges

We can supply the original manufacturers cartridges or the less expensive Compatable & re-manufactured cartridges. All of our cartridges are STMC & ISO9001 certified — which is your guarantee of quality and consistancy.

Who Are Eco Ink
Eco ink are part of Clarke Computer Services Ltd, an Irish company, based in Ballina/Killaloe and trading since 1998. Eco ink source all of their original inks & toners from OEM certified distributers in Ireland whilst the Compatable & re-manufactured toner products are sourced from STMC & ISO9001 certified manufacturers. We do not operate a retail outlet and therefore pass these savings on to our customers. We can offer our customer up to 50% savings on their current printer consumables costs.

What are Original Cartridges
Original cartridges are Ink & Toner cartridges which have been manufactured by the printer manufacturer. Thus the term OEM (Original equiptment manufacturer). So original HP cartridges come from HP and original Canon cartridges come from Canon. All of our Original cartridges are sourced from a national distributor of OEM cartridges. These cartridges are ISO9001 certified and cost substantially more than the compatable or re-manufactured equivalents.

And what are re-manufactured cartridges
The term "Re-manufactured cartridge" is used to describe an original manufacturer's cartridge which is used more than once. The outer plastic casing is retained whilst all the inner components such as imaging drum, pcr, wiper blades, doctor blades are replaced with brand new components. New toner is added and the cartridge will work as good as new. The only difference you should notice is extra money in your pocket. All of our re-manufactured cartridges are sourced from STMC & ISO9001 certified manufacturers - which is your guarantee of quality & consistancy. One major benefit in using re-manufactured cartridges is that it keeps the plastic casing from being dumped in landfill sites which has major environmental benefits. Every year a staggering 200 million cartridges are dumped in landfill in Europe alone.    

And What are Compatable cartridges
The term "Compatible Cartridges" is used to describe a brand new cartridge which has been manufactured by a manufacturer other than the original manufacturer. In short it is a copy of the original manufacturer's cartridge. These cartridge behave exactly like the original cartridges and sometimes are designed to contain more toner. The main difference is the price. All of our compatible cartridges are sourced from STMC & ISO9001 certified manufacturers - which is your guarantee of quality and consistancy.

Eco Ink Teams up with the Mercy Hospital Foundation
Eco Ink and the Mercy Hospital Foundation have teamed up to raise much needed funds for the Mercy Hospital. All funds raised through the recycling of cartridges and phones are used to purchase state of the art equipment to enhance and develop services and to help hospital staff in providing a world class service in a world class hospital. Already we have rolled out collection boxes to over 400 companies and cartridges and phone are flooding in. If your company would like to participate in this program then contact the Mercy Hospital Foundation or Eco Ink for more details.

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